Spiritual Counselor and Evidential Medium
Elizabeth Romo

Elizabeth Romo   O. M.C.     


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                                                                  April  2018

SPIRIT CIRCLE    (Messages for You)

Elizabeth connects with those in Spirit to bring you their personal messages and confirmation of your continued connection to your loved ones in Spirit.  

April 11, 2018,   7 pm

Libertyville Civic Center, Libertyville, Il. presented by The Present Moment, Inc

$35.00   Reservations are requested: sopeka@comcast.net  

Private readings held
April 21, 2018     10 am - 2 pm
45 minute sessions are $75.00;   60 minute sessions are $100.00
Libertyville Civic Center   135,Church St., Libertyville, Il.
contact Elizabeth at:  elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com  for appointment

YOUR private group session of Evidential Mediumship

No matter how long it has been since a loved one has passed, we want to know that they are safe, still aware of us, and at peace. Evidential mediumship sessions relay emotions, personality traits and personal messages that confirm your continued connection with your loved one in Spirit.   As a group session everyone attending will receive a reading.   Minimum of 6 max.11      $35.00 per person*    (*travel fee may apply if more than 14 miles from Lake Zurich, Il.)  

To book your group session email,  elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com

Speaking Engagements

Need a speaker for your event? Or have a group that would like to learn more about Crossing Over, the Angelic realm, Being one with Source/Creator? Contact Elizabeth with your questions.

Energy Work : private sessions:

May be held in person or long distance.                 847-540-6977 or elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com

Soul Readings or Evidential Mediumship Sessions
Private session working with Spirit bringing you information, messages in support and love of you. Spiritual insights into what is happening in your life. Private sessions available in Lake Zurich, Illinois or via telephone, by appointment. Group sessions available. Contact Elizabeth
Total Well-Being Package
Includes both  private intuitive reading followed by an Energy Session. In the reading you will receive spiritual insight and wisdom from your angels ad guides in dealing with your concerns and challenges. Integrating the insightful and compassionate messages that you have just received, and to assist you in releasing thoughts and feelings that are not aligned for your highest good, an Energy Session will facilitate these adjustments. Truly relax and allow your physical body to release old memories, fears and energies that are stuck. This treatment helps to ground you and experience more peace of heart and mind. One hour $100.00 by appointment in Lake Zurich.    

Past Life Regressions
These sessions are a great tool for leaning more about yourself and for working directly with personal obstacles and issues that are withholding inner peace, forgiveness and joy for you in your life. Ninety minute session is $150.00.   By appointment in Lake Zurich.  

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