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Gratitude April 2017

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 7:20 PM

                                                                                                   Gratitude                                                                 April 2017

Scientist have proved that being grateful is healthy for us. That being in the state of gratitude for big and small things in our lives makes a positive difference to one’s attitude and mental and physical health.

Also noted:

• People who keep a gratitude journal exercised more, felt better physically and were more optimistic about their life, than those who did not.

• A scientific study found that a single act of gratitude created a 10% increase in personal happiness, and a reduction in depression.

• Taking time to reflect on what one is grateful for increases your well-being. Living in the Now is important.

• When in a relationship, being grateful and kind to that person increases the satisfaction of the relationship for both of you.

• Acknowledging another in many ways, saying: “Hello, Good morning, Have a good day, Thank you, Take care, See you soon, Safe trip, I love you,” are all positive ways to easily show your gratitude for that person, client, associate or even a stranger. It is true that gratitude is an attitude, and it is a Win- Win for all.

Heartfelt gratitude is also a factor in manifesting ones dreams and goals. Instead of hoping or asking for something, Thank Creator for the gift; see and feel it with you now, and or already accomplished. Be in thanks that that gift is acquired now. Remain focused and calm; and thankful in this space; say,” thank you that this is mine now.” Be at peace and joy with this process. Accept the gift.

May you live with peace and gratitude in your heart and lives.

With blessings and thanks for you.



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