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July 3, 2010 Angelic Message

Posted on July 5, 2010 at 12:35 PM

Dear Ones,

The lesson today is of gratitude. Gratitude for All that is in your lives. For your physical well being, health, and ability to think and to discern. Gratitude for your physical safety, caring nature, thoughtfulness, devotion, love and care of yourself and of others. Gratitude for your family and friends; yes, even those closest to you that you argue with and at times may even dislike or envy.

Gratitude for the work that you do, your talents and special abilities that make you unique and who you are. Gratitude for all the possession that you have. Your home, automobiles, food, clothing. Gratitude for all of the comforts that you surround yourselves with to entertain you as with your telephones, I- pods, televisions, movies, books and lectures.

Gratitude that you have free will. This free will enables you to choose to converse with God, with your High Self, and to learn more about matters of spirit; such as we angels, guides and about Universal truths.

Gratitude is a gift unto itself. It is a choice that you make daily as to whether or not you accept gratitude into your consciousness & then share it with others. Your intent of sharing your gratitude is called “love.” Love is also a choice that you make daily, moment by moment. The energy of love is what the Universe is made of. We are all created from love, this highest of all energies.

It is with your mind and heart that you decide if and how you may be in gratitude, and how you may share it. It is in your “being in gratitude” that you allow yourself to be the loving Spirit that you truly are.

With blessings to you and our time together.

With thanks,

Your Angels

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