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October 1, 2009 Angelic Message

Posted on October 1, 2009 at 6:47 PM

Dear Ones,

We come to you today with love, devotion, and admiration of you. We come to speak with you of strength of heart and good will toward self. You are one in Spirit with Creator. You are one in Spirit with all that is. You are one in Spirit with us, your guardians, (and anchors.) Know that we are always with you. It is our responsibility and privilege to care for you and watch over you. We would never abandon you. Your existence and life paths bring meaning and growth not only to you individually, on a soul level; but you also are an integral part of Creator’s divine plan and a part of the consciousness of the Universe. With this understanding accept your own worth- Divinity (God- like character.) Accept yourself as a soul created from Divine love and light, destined to re-unite and become one with Creator. You are an ever evolving Soul who is on Earth to grow in love, compassion and reverence of self, and all of creation.

We loving tell you to know your true worth---know that you are love and that you are loved by Creator and many others who have gone before you. Many of these Souls continue to support you and work with you. There is no need to be afraid or lost; separation from Creator is an illusion. Go inward to find your answers, personal strength will be there, too. Ask for support and guidance from us (and Creator) and it shall be given to you. You need to be open to allow the messages, insights or new ideas to come forth.

Yours in love and light,

Your Angels

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