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December 3, 2009 Angelic Message

Posted on December 3, 2009 at 6:53 PM

Dear Ones,

It is at this most celebrated time of the year that we ask of you to bring forth from yourselves goodness and joy. It is within you to create the Peace in the World that is so much in demand and necessary. Love, which is the energy of all that is, is what you are made of. It is your Souls’ essence of love and divinity, together with your life experiences and wisdom, that you are asked to share your true nature—divine love, to create goodness- peace and joy- love with all others.

It is in your generosity to share yourself in peaceful and loving ways that create Peace on Earth. What is asked of you at this time is to reflect on your true gifts/talents that are innate to you. Strengths and abilities that you possess that are beneficial to you. Share your strengths, whether they are the ability to listen to another or physical strength; the ability to help another, or possibly you possess enough to share material gifts of abundance with others less fortunate than yourself.

With opening and sharing your heart, your Divine self is radiating out, your gift of love and acceptance of self and others will greatly serve all, and will bring about a sense of peace and healing to all in this world. This is the true meaning of “the holidays’, this very sacred time of the year. In giving to others unselfishly you will find your true sense of self and realize truly how gifted you are and what you have to be grateful for.

Yours in Love & Light,

Your Angels

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