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May 6, 2010 Angelic Message

Posted on May 6, 2010 at 6:55 PM

Dear Ones,

It is with great pleasure that we greet you once again. Spring is here and re-birth is truly at hand; not only in the Earth and all that springs forth in nature, but also a re-birthing of you as you shed your clothes that warm and protect you through your harsh winter months. Spring is another new beginning for you. Opening yourself to the warmth of the sun and the air that surround you, we ask you to open to love, as this is your true nature.

Just as a newborn smiles and coos at its parents and those who hold it, love it and care for it, an infant’s true nature is of love and a longing to belong. A longing to be seen and accepted for the unique being that it is. This innate love does not diminish as one ages. Just as an infant cries to be held and cared for, so too as adults do you seek out friends and family members who validate and emotionally support you. We gently remind you that your true nature is love, and ask you to be kind to yourself in thoughts, words and deeds.

This comes by forgiving yourself of past mistakes or limiting beliefs about yourself. Let your limiting thoughts go, as they no longer serve you and will only hold you back from becoming the happier more caring/loving soul that you are. Learn by your mistakes & move on. By loving (= allowing) yourself to become the whole /complete human being that you came here to be. In your acceptance of yourself, strengths and flaws, you will gain a greater acceptance of others. This is wisdom. Your inner wisdom also calls for forgiveness (= acceptance) of others. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you may give to yourself. Forgiveness (= acceptance) heals. With admiration of you.

Yours in Light & Love,

Your Angels

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