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February 2010 Angelic Message

Posted on February 4, 2010 at 6:57 PM

Dear Ones,

Embrace this day and every day as a new beginning. It is with every new dawn that you have the opportunity to begin anew with your thoughts, feelings and intentions. Where is your focus? On yourself, on others, on worldly matters? It is easy to focus on what is challenging you.

There is much fear of lack and fear of change that is enveloping you now. What has been forgotten by many is the truth that this Earthly life is a world of illusion. Mankind has created these challenging and transitional times as its way out of these distorted illusions that all have co-created and propagated for lifetimes. Do you take time to recognize and connect to your true self, your Soul essence, your oneness with Divine Creator, source of all?

Now is your opportunity to experience your oneness with Divine Creator, creating new paradigms for mankind to live in harmony, love and consideration for the well being of all. As spirit you know that all of creation is connected to one another. That all human beings are equal and that there is no lack of anything. That fear, need, greed and superiority are all illusions created by one not being open to your spiritual wisdom which is the essence of your soul. Living life consciously knowing that you are one with Divine Creator transcends thoughts of any kind of separation from Divine Source. Allowing your soul’s energy to deeply connect to your consciousness brings you intuitive insights, wisdom and trust in yourself and your life.

With these insights come clarity and knowing that you are an eternal being. This wisdom also confirms your connection to all that is, and realizing this you know that what you focus your attention on, you will manifest in the physical. So choose your thoughts carefully. Focus on being a loving and generous individual. See enough food, water and shelter for all people. Send loving thoughts of acceptance to yourself and all of mankind. Envision all men living together peacefully. For what you create you will receive. Allow yourself to be peaceful and calm; then send this healing energy out to all others. It is your intentions that create. It is with light and love that we share these messages with you, offering guidance and support to you. With much love and respect for you.

Your Angels

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