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August 5, 2010 The Oneness of Creation

Posted on August 5, 2010 at 11:18 AM

Dear Ones,


We come to you today in joy, speaking to you regarding the Oneness of all of creation. Today, so many are experiencing feelings of fear, in not remembering, and therefore not experiencing Gods’ true energy of love and the acceptance of being safe and loved.


As a human being you have free will. Free will is a privilege given to you of creating your own unique personality, life circumstances, and experiences in your life. God/ Creator is love; kind, abundant and knows no shame, guilt or lack. You exist as one with God/Creator; you have never been separated from God, nor will you ever be. You are as one with Creator, as a flower is to the plant in which it is part of. A flowering plant has roots, a stem, leaves and beautiful flowers. All the components of a plant are necessary for the plant to survive. For a flowering plant to be healthy, its flowers need to develop and bloom; for that is the purpose of the plant, to give life and support the flower. Each flower is unique and was created to bring joy, beauty and contribute to Earth’s unique energy.


Creator is the plant, you are each the flower. You have never been separate from God. It is with God/Creator’s essence of love that you exist. It is your acceptance of this Divine relationship that you bloom, grow and are nurtured. You are reminded of your inherent oneness with Creator and all that is. In the stillness, allow yourself to be one with God/Creator. Quiet yourself and accept your Divine union; open your heart to accepting unconditional love from Creator. Feel the peace that comes with your melding. Give your problems and concerns to God and allow God to heal them. Be thankful for who you are and all that you have. Release fear and accept the guidance that will come to you. You are inherently love and divine.


With thanks for you and our time together.


Your Angels

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