Spiritual Counselor and Evidential Medium
Elizabeth Romo

Elizabeth Romo   O. M.C.     



Here is what people who have worked with Elizabeth have to say about their experience.

Quotes This was great. I needed to know that continuing contact with angels, saints and all Greatness is what I should do--and forgiving people, other people have said, " that they couldn't have"--was a good positive action. I need to be strong for others right now. Thank you. Quotes
Jill Northern Suburbs Illinois

Quotes Elizabeth, thank you SO MUCH ! I have been reading all of my notes that we shared and I so appreciate your time and insight. And for sharing your gift with me. I was overwhelmingly exhausted when our time was through and I laid in bed for a long time afterwards. I had so many feelings inside and I continue to journal and talk to God about them all. Overall, I left our session with such a positive, bright feeling about my healing and my life ahead. I thank you so much for gifting me with that. I hope to be in touch again. Thank you. C. Quotes
C. Northern Illinois

Quotes I attended a recent group session Elizabeth facilitated and walked away feeling refreshed, confident and overwhelmingly supported. I had been struggling with a decision I had made years ago and during the session it was revealed that I had indeed made the right decision and was supported by all! It allowed me to let go of the guilt and indecisiveness. The peace I felt was instant! In addition I took comfort in the messages received for others in our session. They too felt a sense of peace and we all walked out lighter with smiles on our faces asking," when is the next one?" A big Thanks you to Elizabeth for allowing me to be part of such a special evening. I look forward to the next group session. Peace and love- Sue L. Quotes
Group Session: Messages from Spirit

Quotes Hi Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for the (Mediumship) reading. The things you said were amazing and were very emotional for me. I'm trying to process everything. I really enjoyed it and I somehow feel a little more peaceful than I have in the past. You truly have a gift and those that cross your path are very fortunate. Thanks again. B. Quotes
Bonnie Antioch, Il.

Quotes Hi Elizabeth, Your Angel Message helped me so many times this month that you would be surprised. I was ready to jump ahead and say a few things that were true but wouldn't have served me well. Right before I made a decision to say something, your Angel Message came into my head about WAITING.....and I followed that advice. What a lesson learned. I passed it onto my son.....told him he can wait, he doesn't have to do anything now. I told a friend about you and sent your link.....also told a few other women. I am a tough one to convince and when I met you, I felt your "angel spirit" immediately. See you soon. Northwest Illinois Quotes

Quotes I have known Elizabeth over a decade. I have always known her to be a great Soul; however, it was not until I lost my youngest son that I became aware of her special gifts and talents. The loss of a child is the most horrific thing I could ever think of. Getting past it has been most difficult; each day going forward is a challenge like no other I"ve ever known. With Elizabeth"s encouragement, kindness in the way she explains the truth of events and Spirit working, I go forward. I am so grateful for her presence and her gifts. Her support in my days of grief cannot be put into words. Thank you, Elizabeth. Eternally Grateful, Quotes
Constance Virginia

Quotes I want to thank you very much for the wonderful Life Between Lives Regression session I had with you. I got so much out of it. Perhaps the most profound experience was the regression to the time I was born. I have been working through those issues so much over the years, but it was profoundly different to actually experience the emotions of my parents and family; I think it may finally have cleared out the last residues that were still holding me back. All in all a very wonderful experience, and very beneficial to my spiritual journey. Thank you so much for facilitating this experience for me. I truly appreciate that you lead me on this journey. Quotes
Marianne Champaign, Il.

Quotes Elizabeth, You have helped me, and I believe you to be an intuitive who helps people connect with their souls and learn more about the angels that are around them that help and support them. You have been a huge help for me in creating awareness of angel messages and opening myself up to the support of their power. It's not like going to see a fortune teller, but finding out more about your inner self and where your soul wants to guide you. Quotes
R. Palatine Il.

Quotes Elizabeth, I just want to thank you for the incredible energy session I had with you today. I felt so much energy flowing through me. It was the most powerful energy session that I have ever had; I am still feeling incredible from it. In a great way. I have worked with you for some time now and you have helped me to work through so many issues- it is just amazing. Thank you for all that you do. I will see you again soon. ( I came home and still feel incredible.) Thank you. Dee Libertyville, Il. Quotes

Quotes Elizabeth: You have brought me so far in the past year. Through our private sessions, group meditations, billets and all of the other wonderful services you provide I have gained so much. With your support, assistance, guidance and perceptive approach you have allowed me to grow and improve my skill set. Meditation has become a welcome respite for me and has allowed me to tap into my higher self. You are patient and nurturing and this has provided me the confidence to continue to stretch, to learn and to try new things. I have grown to trust and rely on the counsel you provide and enjoy seeing how it plays out in my life. So many things we have discussed show up at a later date and I chuckle and think ?Elizabeth told me this was coming?. You have also taught me to trust my inner voice and to realize that I have the answers; I just need to ask my angels and guides, listen with an open heart and mind and pay attention to the messages. I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you. Quotes
Joanne Mundelein, Il.