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Elizabeth Romo

Elizabeth Romo   O. M.C.     


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                                                                       April 2020

First Monday of the month 7:30 pm CST        *** added  Wednesday April 1, 2020    6:30 pm CST
Dial 1-515-604-9000
Access code 488506
Approximately thirty minutes.
Gifted to you 
As a channel for God/Source, I bring forth a channeled healing session as participants silently intend blessings for themselves, others and the earth; as each connects with Creator Source, accepting healing of our bodies, mind and spirit. Participants silently join together, honoring our union, intending openness to receive healing for their concerns.  Participants comment  “How powerful, supportive and healing the session was.”   I am very grateful to be a part of this process. 

Third Monday of the month 5:30 pm CST
Dial 1-515-604-9000
Access code 488506
Approximately thirty minutes.
Gifted to you 
Connecting as a group to Divine Source--honoring all life. Non-denominational: Guided group work, with the energy of our intentional prayers, in support of one another - our global community, now dealing with pandemic of COVIDR-19.  The dynamics of group work heals.


All that exists is energy.  We are energetic beings. Time is moving faster than ever before. We feel tired, confused and often out of sync with ourselves. Each of us is more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others and we don’t know how or why. Now in the Aquarian Age, humanity’s opportunity, if we chose to,  is to work with the new energies that are streaming to earth in support of us to know ourselves as Divine Beings and to assist us in balancing one’s own energy.

This workshop will include these tools:

  • How to calm your mind; releasing negative thoughts, beliefs, that keep us in fear and stress.
  • How to connect energetically with one’s body and mind quickly, to release stress and regain balance and clarity. 
  • How to connect with Source, claiming our oneness with all life—which enriching oneself energetically on all levels, physical and non-physical.                                           

Release - Accept - Balance workshop
Kwai Fah Accupuncture
TO BE RE-SCHEDULED   4 - 6 pm    $38.00
1208 W. Granville, Chicago, Il.
Release - Accept - Balance workshop
Entourage Clinical Services
TO BE RE-SCHEDULED   2 - 4 pm    $38.00
697 S. Lake St., Mundelein, Il
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Private session working with Spirit bringing you information, messages in support and love of you. Spiritual insights into what is happening in your life. Private sessions by appointment. Group sessions available. Contact Elizabeth


Need a speaker for your event? Or have a group that would like to learn more about Crossing Over, the Angelic realm, Being one with Source/Creator? Contact Elizabeth.


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