Spiritual Counselor and Evidential Medium
Elizabeth Romo

Elizabeth Romo   O. M.C.     


The Healing Circle 

                     The Healing Circle Intention: Taking time to unite with God, together with others of like hearts, together co-creating blessings and healing for humanity and the earth.

We gather via a conference call, at 7:30 pm CST, on the first Monday of the month for approximately half an hour. 

As a channel for God/Source, I bring forth a channeled healing session as participants silently intend blessings for themselves, others and the earth; as each connects with Creator Source, accepting healing of our bodies, mind and spirit. Participants silently join together, honoring our union, intending openness to receive healing for their concerns.  Participants comment  “How powerful, supportive and healing the session was.”   I am very grateful to be a part of this process.

I have learned that our calls together are truly healing, and that compassion and support and healing came from not only those of us on the call, but from Creator Source, The angelic realm and others in Spirit. Many times those energies let us know they are present and actively working with us during the calls. Our time together consistently nourish participants with a greater sense of peace, assured of being supported, guidance and greater clarity.


The Healing Circle

1st Monday of each month: 7:30 pm CST

Conference call: 1-515-604-9000

Access code: 488506

The call is approx.thirty minutes

Gifted to you    (there maybe a .01 cent a minute phone charge)

This is a non-denominational  event. 

Thank you so much for your support in sharing the gift of you.

With thanks and blessings for you.                    

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Messages from April 1, 2020 Healing Circle
We are working with Creator Source and other Universal energies that support us in this intentional time of transition shift of consciousness for humanity.
This time is having everyone slow down
Re-evaluate one's priorities
Focus is on human beings / relationships
The needs of you, others / all people, all races are love, shelter, food, education-skills
Equality for all -- we all eat - breathe- drink - require rest and personal attention
The angelic realm/guardian angels are always here with you -- call upon yours--make time to be still with them.
Take the time to meditate- pray - connecting with your inner heart and soul and Creator. Your strength is here---always.
Remember others less fortunate --- include them in your prayers /blessings
We will learn and transform ourselves and the way we live as a result of this pandemic. Social and personal changes will results from this.
Creator and all of the Universe supports Earth and humanity through this.
Blessings to You

next Healing Circle is Monday April 6, 2020