Elizabeth Romo       A Haven for Angels        

     Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressor

                                                                                         Karuna Reiki ® Holy Fire Energy Session  (long distance)

                                                                                             via Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® is an energy system that assists humanity to heal deeply, energetically and emotionally.  It transcends time and space, working with one's energy fields / chakras to balance, restore or repair your energetic fields, which create ones health. Karuna Reiki  ® supports us in releasing blocks/ stuck energy; which are limiting/negative thoughts or emotions; and assists one to open to releasing these limiting beliefs and or memories. Feelings of peacefulness, clarity and well-being often result from a session. 

one hour or thirty minute sessions available