Elizabeth Romo       A Haven for Angels        

     Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressor

                                                                                                           Soul Reading  



A soul reading connects you with your  soul,  guardian angel(s) and guides to bring you guidance, compassion and clarity to assist you in understanding and support for you in what you are experiencing at this time in your life. 



                                                                                                How to Prepare for a Reading



Have an open mind. Do not have any preconceived ideas as to how the session will flow.


Your intuitive being together and your intention for all support the session. Be positive.


Days prior to the session think about the questions, issues that you would like more clarity with.  If there is anyone in Spirit who you would like to connect with too, think of them as well.


Be open when listening to the messages that are given to you. Take notes as later you will have more time to consider all that was given to you later.


Be in a peaceful state of mind so that you are able to be fully present during the session. No drinking of alcoholic beverages or outside distractions during the session.