Elizabeth Romo      A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

                                           Spiritual Teacher: Spiritual Development

                                                                                     Spiritual Development

Is your life not making sense anymore?  Do you feel depressed or not understood?  Are you stuck in negative thoughts and feelings, or in relationships that are draining you?  What is missing from your life is having a spiritual practice.

Having a spiritual practice, gives you a base for understanding how we are connected to Source / God (your name for the Divine) and how to understand ourselves as a being of energy-spirit.  Each session is private and  personalized for you. We discuss what is happening in your life; will learn how understanding our part in the greater scheme of life, and how to have a  strong connection to Source.  How prayer and meditation are personal tools that consciously connect, strengthen our spiritual, divine self this lifetime.  

Working with these tools and others I  assist in your journey to develop greater personal understanding, strength and learn how to access your souls wisdom.  All this leads you to greater personal happiness, congruence in your life, and a greater understanding of your purpose here this lifetime.  

Package: Three sessions, one hour each.   $240.00

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