Spiritual Counselor, Evidential Medium
Elizabeth Romo

Elizabeth Romo   O. M.C.     



Inspired by the Angels, You Are The One, You Are Love  is a reminder of what each of us already knows in our hearts: God is love and we are a reflection of that Infinite love. God created us from the energy of love. It is our job to live our lives as the loving individuals that we are, and to share our love with others. Together we may remind our children of this powerful truth and assist them, and ourselves, in being the beloved souls that we truly are. 

Created for pre-schoolers and for people of all ages.

 Amazing Testimonial for  'You Are The One You Are Love'

(Jen K./Sept 2012)

Dear Elizabeth, 

I have been meaning to share something that recently happened with my daughter ...

Last December I had an intuitive reading done with you, along with my mom and my sister.  I was so inspired by you and wanted to remember our visit together, so I purchased a copy of the children's book you wrote.  It had such a beautiful message and colorful illustrations, and I was hoping to read it to my three year old daughter, Dottie.  Very much to my surprise, she never wanted me to read it to her, for months I tried.  It sat in her bedtime box of books to choose next to her bed ... I didn't push it.

Then one night, she climbed into bed with my husband and I, in the middle of the night, clutching your book.  She slept in bed with us for the remainder of the night, cradling that book like one of her little dollies.  I assumed my husband had just started reading it to her at bed, and she had grown attached to it.  (Never has she brought a book into our bed.)  I didn't really think twice about it.

A few weeks went by and my nephew and I were playing in Dottie's room, when suddenly she saw the book.  She said, "Jake, Jake you HAVE to see this book that Jesus read to me in my dream!"  I got goosebumps and asked her to repeat what she said, again telling me the same.  Dottie went on, "Jesus came to see me the other night and read me this book."  I believe it was the night she came running into our room with it.  She said, "He taught me how to draw hearts."  Then, she turned to the page with the interlocking hearts, explaining which one Jesus drew and which one she did.  I asked what he looked like.  She said he was skinny like Luke (that's her older brother who is a skinny minny.)  She said he was covered in white.  She was beaming telling the story, but just like that she didn't want to talk about it anymore, so I didn't push it.  At first I was nervous, what was this message?  Is something going to happen to her?  But then I took comfort knowing what an amazing experience she had and remembered to share it.

Your book became her favorite.  I read it to her every night.  Then a few nights later, as I read the last words in the book, YOU ARE LOVED or something like that, she took her finger and circled my face with it, saying the words with me.  I said, "What are you doing silly?"  Dottie told me, "That's what Jesus does to me when he reads that part."  Mindblowing - comforting - amazing -

I have wanted to share this with you ... it was your book that brought Jesus and Dottie together.  How amazing is that?!?  Thank you, thank you, thank you for what I was able to witness in my daugher through you.  All my love, Jen K.